Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an electronic transfer feature used to send your paycheck directly to your Community 1st checking or savings account, free of charge.


Setting Up Your Direct Deposit

Contact your employer and ask for their direct deposit form. If they are unable to provide one, we are happy to write a letter to your employer with the direct deposit information. 


Be sure the form includes the following:

  • C1CU's ABA/Routing Number: 325082017
  • Your full account number - It can be found in the eDocuments section of your Online Account, on your monthly statements, and the bottom of each paper check. Your checking and savings account numbers are different. 


Benefits to Direct Deposit

  • Convenient - No need to pick up a paper check and bring it to a branch after each pay period.
  • Faster - Funds are immediately available on payday. If you are a postal employee, you will receive your paycheck 2 days earlier than you would with other institutions.
  • Flexible - More easily divide funds between your accounts.
  • More Secure - Significantly reduced risk of lost or stolen checks. 


Note: In the event you are asked for a voided check, simply write VOID across the front of a check and attach it with any direct deposit paperwork. If you do not have checks with your account, we will happily write you a direct deposit letter to be given to your employer. For federal benefits, you can find a Federal Direct Deposit Form on the US General Services Administration website. 

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