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30 Day Crash Course

March 3, 2022

For the entire month of March, Community 1st Credit will be holding a 30 Day Credit Union Crash Course! To participate, all you need to do is watch our social media spaces. 

Each day, we hope to help educate, explain and expand the way you think about credit unions and your money.

Mondays: We will share definitions of terms you may hear frequently but don't fully understand.

Tuesdays: Quick Tips on generating new income and/or Investing.

Wednesdays: Quick Tips on saving money.

Thursdays: Simple Infographics to break down complex financial concepts.

Fridays: What Community 1st can do for you.

Saturdays: a fun cartoon or meme.

Sundays: Take a day off; you've earned it! (or watch one of our short videos.)


You can follow our 30 Day Credit Union Crash Course by Liking Us on Facebook, Connecting with our LinkedIn Page, or Following Us on Instagram.  We hope you enjoy and thank you for being a member!

Next Up: Our lobbies are open for you!

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