Changing Your Name

Well, you just got married, your name changed, and you need your accounts to reflect that. That's what we're here for! For your safety, we do require more in-depth verification of the account. Please provide official documentation and picture ID, so we know it's really you. 


What do we need?

  • Picture ID reflecting your new name (Unexpired)
  • Picture ID with your name before the change - If you no longer have your old picture ID, that's okay - we will more than likely be able to look back to when the account was opened and find it that way.
  • Certified court documentation - e.g., Name Change Order, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or updated Social Security Card.


Note: Yes, we do need the complete court-ordered document, but it will be returned to you once we have made copies of the relevant pages for our records. 


Once you are ready to get started with the process, bring the required documentation to any of our branch locations. We are excited to help you! 

Equal Opportunity Act, and NCUA Insurance.