MYC1CU Cards

Take control of your finances with MYC1CU Cards.

MYC1CU Cards app is available to all of our online banking members. MYC1CU Cards allows you to:


Track Your Transactions: view the transactions being charged to each card, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Freeze Your Card: Can't find your debit card? Rather than canceling the card and waiting for a new one, simply freeze it! 

Set Your Alerts: You control your alerts. You can set the alerts to notify you whenever a charge is made on your card, if it's being used outside of a certain location, transaction types, and much more!

Location Controls: You can set your preferences for where you card can be used. 


Want to download the app? Simply log in to your mobile app and download the MYC1CU Cards app today!

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