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Credit Card Changes Coming Oct 2022

October 4, 2022

This article is to notify you of changes we are making to the Consumer and HELOC credit cards. The following is a summary of changes that are being made.


New Cards. We are changing to a new vendor that will be able to better meet the changing needs of our members. New cards have begun mailing out on 10/17/22. These cards can be activated on or after 10/30/22. Please do not activate your new card before 10/30/22.

Card Number. Your credit card number will be different. Please make note of any vendors with automatic payments or Bill Pay items associated with your existing card number. These will need to be set back up after you activate your new card.

Payment Remittance. If you mail in your credit card payments, the payment remittance address will be changing as of 10/30/22. Any payments received on or after 10/27/22 will be processed on 10/31/22. The new remittance address will be PO BOX 37035, BOONE, IA 50037.

Contactless Payment Technology. Your new card will feature contactless payments. A secure, convenient, and touch-free method of payment.

Upcoming Rewards Program. These new cards will also see an exciting new Rewards Program soon at no additional cost to you!


Thank you for choosing Community 1st Credit Union for your credit card needs. We strive to provide communities with products that help meet their financial goals. If you have any questions, please contact us at (253) 722-5212 or Toll-Free at (800) 247-7328. You may

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