1.  To be eligible, a Community 1st Credit Union member must get pre-approved for a vehicle loan from Community 1st Credit Union and buy a new or used vehicle through one of the HaloCar dealerships and finance that purchase with Community 1st Credit Union using the HaloCar process.  The member must then write an essay of no more than 250 words describing what they liked or disliked about the purchase of their vehicle through the HaloCar process.

2.  You can bring your completed essay to our branch, mail it, or email:

Community 1st CU, PO Box 870, DuPont WA 98327


3.  The Credit Union's lending team will determine the winner.  Winners will be announced by the Credit Union's Vice President of Operations on or about October 7th.

4.  By submitting the essay, the member agrees to allow Community 1st Credit Union and/or HaloCar to use their comments from this essay in their advertising or marketing.  Only one essay may be entered for each purchase completed through the HaloCar process during the contest period.

5.  The contest period run from Aug 20th – September 30th, 2020.  The vehicle purchase loan must be funded before the close of business on September 30, 2020.

6.  Person to person loans, lease buy-outs, refinances, and CUDL loans are not eligible.

7.  The odds of winning are 1 divided by the total number of entries during the contest period.  We estimate the odds as being between 1:10 and 1:100.

8.  You do not need to be present to win.


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