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South Seattle

Generations - Olympia



4.5 Stars


June 2019

"I enjoy coming into the credit union, everyone is always friendly. Thanks for your help Cherail!" - Arnita, 5 stars.


"You guys please get more sleep, because you work so hard serving us members. You guys do a tremendous job. Yasemin you are very professional and helped this old man work all his questions. " - Tom, 5 stars.


"Kendra’s service has been very good! I get frustrated sometimes and she always stays calm with me and explains everything so I can understand." - Ken, 5 stars.


"I have been having issues with pop-ups on my laptop. I called your 800 number, and spoke with Susana at your Shoreline Branch. I wanted you to know she was a great help, and talked me through it. She helped me to see things (that I couldn’t see without her help). Now, you are on my laptop and I can pay my bills from there!" - Susana D.


"Dear Carol, It is very rare to have such a long business relationship with anyone. I've always thought of you as a long distance friend! Your unfailing help and courtesy have been greatly appreciated." 


May 2019

"Your typical neighborhood bank. What sets the branch apart is their great customer service. I'm not a customer but I've stopped by to change bills and this sweet lady Anne remembers me by name. A lot more personable then Becu." - Isaiah H. - 5 Stars.


"The staff bend over backwards to help their members and their fees aren't as bad as some other banks and unions I've been to. Could use some better equipment to be more efficient, but as far as I'm concerned that's not entirely their fault." - Jess H. - 4 Stars.

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