Each year, we proudly offer four (4) scholarships for $2,500 to eligible graduating seniors. Through these scholarships, we honor our history and those important to the credit union's mission and vision. Scholarships can be used for college expenses like tuition, supplies, and books. Any certified education or training school qualifies. Any graduating high school senior who is a member, or immediate family of Community 1st or Generations, is eligible to apply.


Gale Osterloh (1917 - 1985) Scholarship 

Gale Osterloh, a long-time advocate for Postal Workers, was the first manager of Community 1st Credit Union. He was also one of the founders of the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) and was inducted into the CUES Hall of Fame in 1988. CUES is a foundation that is dedicated to educating credit union leaders and to providing them with the resources they need to assist in achieving their full potential.

Wilbur Woodrow Walton (1916 - 1999) Scholarship 

Wilbur Woodrow Walton, a Korean War vet, believed in the credit union difference. He advocated for Employment Security Department employees and worked alongside Generations Credit Union to ensure their best interests were always represented. Walton was known for being adventurous, a lifetime learner, and an active volunteer in the community. He was a strong believer in personal growth and had an unmatched sense of humor.

Mr. Walton was a true believer in the credit union difference. Below are just a few of the special characteristics he embodied. Please use one of the following bullet points for your essay:

  • He was an active volunteer in the community
  • He was never afraid to try something new
  • He believed in the value of personal growth
  • He never stopped learning
  • He had an unmatched sense of humor.


Both honorees embodied special and unique characteristics and were true believers in the credit union movement and difference. They were active volunteers in their communities.







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