Safe Deposit Boxes

Storing valuables in your home can be risky, subjecting them to possible damage through fire, flood or theft. Renting a safe-deposit box from Community 1st Credit Union provides peace-of-mind, securing irreplaceable items like personal documents, collectibles and family heirlooms. Boxes are available in varying sizes at our DuPont and Shoreline locations. We welcome a call to review pricing and availability of sizes.



  1. 3” x 5”
  2. 5” x 5”
  3. 3” x 10”
  4. 5” x 10”
  5. 6" x 10" (Shoreline Only)
  6. 10” x 10”




  1. Birth. death or marriage certificates
  2. Military service records
  3. Citizenship papers
  4. Copy of a will
  5. Evidence of your debts or what others owe you
  6. Automobile titles
  7. Patents or copyrights
  8. Insurance policies
  9. Property deeds
  10. Valuables like rare coins or jewelry
  11. Original family photos
  12. Stock or bond certificates
  13. Household and other inventories


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Equal Opportunity Act, and NCUA Insurance.