US Savings Bonds

Savings bonds offer a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time. Many consider this investment tool as the safest type because bonds are endorsed by the federal government and are virtually risk free. Community 1st Credit Union offers assistance with US government savings bonds.


Government bonds have now gone paperless. The US Treasury has ended sales of paper Series EE and I savings bonds through over-the-counter channels (effective January 1, 2012). This means that bonds are available for purchase through the Internet at TreasuryDirect.

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As the treasury strengths its electronic services, many online services are now available to you direct:


  • Convert paper bonds to electronic savings bonds through a program called SmartExchange — at no charge.
  • Learn about buying savings bonds as gifts.
  • Review unclaimed bonds through Treasury Hunt.
  • Check on current values through their automated Savings Bond Calculator.


As this change is implemented, we'll be here to assist you with your electronic purchases of savings bonds and will continue to redeem traditional paper ones. For more information or to speak with a Representative, please give us a call or visit a branch near you.

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