Setting Up Travel Notifications

No one should ever have to worry about getting locked out of their account, especially during that worry-free vacation to the Bahamas. By informing us of your upcoming plans out of the country, we will know it's really you making those transactions so far from home.

Your responsibility is simple; notify the Credit Union. 

How to Set Up Your Out of Country Travel Plans With Community 1st:

  1. Call our card care center at 1-800-262-2024.
  2. Let us know where, when, and for how long you will be away from home.
  3. Sit back and enjoy, worry-free, we have your account covered while you're gone! 


Multiple Destinations? Awesome! Be sure to fill us in on each one, including layovers where you may be using your card to buy a snack or go on a little shopping spree. You can set your travel notification up to 30 days in advance. 

Equal Opportunity Act, and NCUA Insurance.